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How to find Pokémon

Pokémon Go somewhat mimics the traditional games, so you are more likely to find Pokémon in areas such as parks and you’ll be more likely to find water Pokémon when you’re near, well, water.
It’s not limited to those areas though, and you can find Pokémon no matter where you are. There should always be at least a handful nearby.
Nearby Pokémon are displayed on the bottom right corner of your smartphone’s screen. Tap it and you’ll see silhouettes of any Pokémon you haven’t seen yet. The footprints underneath each one indicate how far away they are from you – choose a particular one to track it. Once the footprints are all gone the Pokémon is very close and you can stop and wait for it to appear.
If you’re struggling to find Pokémon you can use Incense – you’ll have two of these in your Items when you start the game. After use, Pokémon will be attracted to your location for 30 minutes. 
How to find Pokémon

 you can also buy Lure Modules from the shop. Make sure you click on the stop you want to use one on first as you can’t go straight to items.
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